When placing an order with Little Ivy Paper Goods, please be aware of our Terms of Service, below. When completing a deposit for an order, clients will be prompted to review the below conditions, and must check off that they agree to them, before the website will allow the item to be added to their cart.


The revision process is meant to move a design closer and closer to the final product. 

One complimentary round of revisions is included with each custom design purchased after the initial proof is received. A round of revisions is considered to be all of the revision requests contained in one email from the client, requesting new alterations to the text, layout, or design. 

Please note that revisions are not redesigns, and any redesigns will incur full custom design charges. 

Example of one round of revisions:

- Little Ivy Paper Goods provides initial proof for review   - Client reviews proof and gathers feedback - Client provides Little Ivy Paper Goods with all feedback at one time - Little Ivy Paper Goods makes revisions to the design  - Little Ivy Paper Goods submits new proof for review

Once the complimentary round of revisions has been used, additional rounds can be completed at $30.00/round.


Project estimates are created on a per-project basis. Estimates are considered planning documents, not obligations, and are valid for orders placed within 30 days. 


Digital printing takes 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday) before items are ready to be shipped. If you would like to rush print your order, we have several different options; please inquire. 

Letterpress printing takes from 3-5 weeks, depending on the quantity of invitation suites ordered. 


Content for custom orders (including but not limited to invitation wording and guest addresses) must be submitted by the dates specified by Little Ivy Paper Goods or the order will be subject to a 20% rush fee, plus expedited shipping rates.


Little Ivy Paper Goods aims to provide accurate typesetting and content proofing. It is the responsibility of the client to proofread and approve all final type, layouts, and content. Additionally, any changes to copy, content, or other included material must be communicated to Little Ivy Paper Goods in writing. Your approval shall be conclusive of approval for artwork, typography, and other content items.

For envelope addressing, we will copy and paste the addresses provided to us exactly as they are, please keep this in mind when writing them out. For example, if you prefer “New York” over “NY” you must provide it that way.  


Once we have finalized the design, we will email you a final digital proof which you must approve before the job goes to print. At the time of your design approval, your balance is due. You will be responsible for additional charges incurred as a result of changes requested after written approval has been given.

Additionally, we can mail you a hard copy proof of your suite for approval, for $25.00. It is easier to catch errors on hard copies, and also a good peace of mind to see the printed final product before sending your full order to print. 


We suggest that you purchase 10% more invitation suites than you think you’ll need to be ready for last minute additions to your guest list. Additional printing of extras later will be much more costly than planning ahead. If you would like to order additional invitations after receiving your initial order, your additional invitations will be subject to a higher per-unit cost to account for production and set up fees.


We will happily attempt to match special colors, but we cannot guarantee perfect matches. Colors on your PDF proof/screen will vary slightly from the printed color.

Please note that with envelope printing, addresses will always be printed in black unless the request for another ink color is  communicated in writing before the order has been finalized. Addresses in colored ink will incur an additional $0.05 per envelope charge. 


Shipping costs are calculated for custom orders once the order has been finalized. Should the client wish to use a specific shipping method, please let us know at the time of design approval. We cannot be responsible for damage during shipping. If your job suffers damage in transit, you must file a claim against the carrier (UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, etc) to recover the value. We highly recommend that the client purchase shipping insurance (for a small fee) for their order, to cover all expenses paid to Little Ivy Paper Goods.


We are happy to assemble and mail your invitations out to guests for you. A $35.00/hr fee will be charged for assembly (orders of around 100 invitation suites take approximately 1 hour if no wax seals are needed). Additionally, you will be charged for the reimbursement of the postage stamps required to send your invitations + the postage for your response cards, if applicable. Orders including assembly must also include full envelope address printing.


We will try to reprint the order as quickly as possible as a service to you, but we will have to charge the full price for the replacement. Customs, shipping and handling charges are in addition to re-printing costs. 


All orders must be paid in full before they go to print. Should final payment and/or design approval not take place, customer forfeits deposit and contract is terminated. We accept all major credit cards. 


All custom items  (including but not limited to invitations, stationery, day-of wedding pieces, and guest addressing) are non-returnable and non-refundable once a deposit has been paid on said item(s).


Little Ivy Paper Goods cannot be responsible for unforeseen circumstances, work-stoppages, "acts of God", which may make it impossible for me to complete your job in a reasonable amount of time. My complete obligation to you may be discharged either (1. in its entirety by my refund of your deposit, (2. for a single item in your order, resulting in a refund of that item, without prejudice, and disclaiming any secondary consequences or costs that you may incur. It is my intention to complete every job to completion, but if there is a substantial reason that I choose not to move forward with any part of your project, a refund will be assessed and you will be required to sign a refund form with agreed refund amount.

Please be aware that any delays caused by you will postpone your estimated completion date.


If you decide to cancel any part of your order prior to it going to print, you agree to forfeit all payments made up until the point of cancellation, and refunds will not be given. All quantities of each item provided in a final estimate are covered by this clause upon acceptance of this contract. Any quantities lowered or items cancelled after the initial or final deposit has been placed will constitute forfeiture of that portion of the deposit.


Little Ivy Paper Goods retains all rights to artwork and designs, including but not limited to custom and commissioned designs. Any reproduction of artwork is prohibited unless given prior written permission from Little Ivy Paper Goods.