Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Photoshoot

I was approached by Megan Lord of Pencil Events in the fall of 2013, and asked to design a wedding suite for her photoshoot. The goal for the shoot was to have it submitted and published by Maine Magazine, and was featured in the January 2014 wedding edition (Hurray!) Megan said about the shoot:

The 'Deco Botanical' shoot grew out of our curiosity about the wildness of old world circuses. As Patricia Takacs (of Kivalo Photography) and Megan Lord researched circuses of the early 20th century, they appreciated how the settings of these circuses contributed to the sense of exotic intrigue that pervaded them.

Our choice of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens was informed by the role botanicals played in these events—the carefully curated, stunning gardens gave the shoot a playfulness reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. The subtle inclusion of animal wildlife imagery throughout the design as well as the occasional use of black as an accent color were nods to the boldness of the art deco old world while the botanicals and soft colors used throughout the design grounded the shoot firmly in the feminine.